Face Overwash Alert: Understanding the impact on your skin barrier health

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Keeping your skin on point is a must in our daily routine. That means showing your face some love by washing away the day's dirt, oil, and anything dimming your natural glow. But, hold up—what if you're overdoing it? Can you actually wash your face too much? 


Join us in this Jess Beauty article as we spill the tea on the consequences of overwashing on your skin barrier, decode the significance of this crucial shield, and offer essential advice on the best face-washing routine for you. It's all about finding that sweet spot for a glowing, healthy complexion!



What is the skin’s barrier?


Before we dive into the potential downsides of excessive face washing, let's explore the intricacies of our skin barrier. Picture it as your body’s guardian, shielding you from external elements such as pollution, microbes, and harsh weather conditions. What makes this defense squad so strong? Lipids, baby! Ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids team up to lock skin cells in a tight embrace, preventing any moisture from slipping away. A well-maintained skin barrier ensures your skin stays adequately hydrated and healthy.


How often should I wash my face?


The ideal frequency for washing your face is closely tied to your unique skin type. Generally, a twice-daily routine is optimal for most people – once in the morning and once before calling it a day. This not only helps eliminate impurities but also contributes to maintaining a refreshed, well-balanced complexion. Now, if you find yourself in the oily or acne-prone skin club, you might want to add an extra cleanse around midday. This additional step can work wonders in keeping excess oil in check.


Signs you're overdoing it: How much face washing is too much?


Washing your face is essential, but overdoing it can strip away vital oils and mess with your skin's protective barrier, setting the stage for various issues. So, how do you know if you're crossing the line? Keep an eye out for these signs:


Dryness and tightness: If your skin feels parched, tight, or flaky, you might be washing more than necessary. It's crucial to recognize the difference between dehydrated and dry skin.


Redness and irritation: Overwashing can crank up the redness, and irritation, or even make you itch. If your skin is throwing a tantrum, check out these simple ways to soothe the irritation.


Increased oil production: Ironically, washing too often can send your skin into overdrive, producing more oil to make up for what's lost.


Breakouts: Too much washing can throw your skin off balance, paving the way for breakouts and acne.


Sensitivity: If your skin turns touchy and prone to irritation, it's a sign you might be overdoing the washing routine.


Strike the right balance - Pay attention to these signs to ensure you're treating your skin with the care it deserves, keeping it clean without going overboard! 



Unleash your skin's radiance: Must-have ingredients for a fresh face!


Selecting the right ingredients for your skincare routine is like crafting the perfect playlist—it sets the perfect mood for a healthy, vibrant complexion. Green tea takes the lead, loaded with antioxidants, especially catechins, to battle those free radicals and keep your skin looking flawless. It's the ultimate defense against inflammation and premature aging, giving off those forever-young vibes! Then there's Squalane, our hydration hero. Picture it as a refreshing drink for your skin, warding off those pesky free radicals trying to speed up the aging process.

But wait, there's more! Hyaluronic acid brings moisture, Niacinamide works wonders on those pores, and retinol? It's basically the superhero fighting off fine lines and wrinkles. Together, this dream team ensures your skin stays on point. And you can't forget the Vitamin C—your secret ingredient for that smooth, hydrated glow. It's like a burst of sunshine in a bottle for your face!


When it's time to cleanse, keep it simple by choosing a straightforward formula suitable for all skin types. Our Face Reset Cleanser, infused with squalane and coconut ingredients, effectively purifies your skin, leaving it refreshed and silky smooth. 

Remember to include serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher!) in your daytime routine to soothe your skin, protect it from UV radiation, and provide the smoothness it deserves. Our C Bomb Vitamin C Moisturizer takes the lead, locking in moisture and supporting your skin's superhero barrier to ensure its overall well-being and resilience.



#JessBeautyTip: Sunscreen is your most trusted ally


Don't overlook the importance of incorporating SPF protection after your cleanser for a well-rounded skincare routine! Even more, if you're incorporating retinol into your nighttime routine, applying sunscreen the next morning is a must to ensure optimal results and protect your skin. Remember, a youthful glow goes hand in hand with proper protection!


Look for your Jess Beauty retinol must-haves: The perfect serum to start your retinol journey, aka. the Age Rewind Retinol Serum, and our advanced cream for retinol pros, the everglowing Timeless Skin Retinol Cream, to elevate your skincare game at its finest! 

Keep in mind: After you apply retinol, always remember to seal the deal with a moisturized and our Shine Bright Serum, allowing retinol to work its magic while benefiting from the hydration and nourishment of all Jess Beauty products.

And hey, don’t forget to choose products that are as awesome as you are. Jess Beauty's got your back –  our products are cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, paraben-free, and animal-test-free, ensuring your skin receives the care it deserves. Give your skin all the love without the drama, so find that sweet spot, stay true to yourself, and watch your skin radiate with a glow that says, "Yeah, I woke up like this!"

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