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Skin before and after your workout

You already know that working out keeps your body healthy and improves your mood, but did you know that sweating is also great for your complexion? Studies have shown that exercising regularly helps prevent and reduce signs of aging in the skin.

But, to reap this unexpected benefit of working out, your pre- and post-workout skincare routine needs to be on point.

If you don't take care of your skin after working out, the accumulated sweat and dust particles can cause breakouts. The golden rule is this: the longer sweat remains on your face, the more likely it will get into your pores and attract bacteria or dead skin cells, leading to breakouts.

That's why we made a simple pre and post-workout skincare routine for your next gym sesh.

Skin before and after your workout

Before you break a sweat

1. Remove All Your Makeup

When you're exercising, your makeup can turn into your skin's worst enemy: combined with sweat, dirt, and oils, it can easily clog your pores and makes the perfect breeding ground for acne. So be sure to remove all your makeup before hitting the gym!

Ideally, go for a gel cleanser, like our Face Reset Cleanser. Gel cleansers deep-cleanse while keeping hydration in, which you really need before you start sweating.

2. Get Your Sunscreen On

Especially if you'll be exercising outdoors, be sure to apply SPF to all exposed skin. And because you'll be sweating, make sure to choose a sweatproof sunscreen. Sports sunscreens usually are: the label should also list how long the product is sweat-resistant. Keep this in mind while planning your workout; if you need to, remember to reapply!

Skin before and after your workout

After You Exercise

1. Wash Your Face ASAP

As soon as you're done working out, wash your face with a cleanser containing either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Both these ingredients work great at thoroughly cleansing the pores of sweat, oils, and debris. But don't wait till you get home to cleanse: get a travel-size product to keep in your purse, and wash your face at the gym. You'll be saving yourself lots of trouble.

2. Forgo The Scrub

After exercising, your skin is particularly delicate, so exfoliating after a workout sesh is a definite no. You'll be much better off waiting a few hours to scrub, and remember you should never exfoliate more than 2 to 3 times a week.

3. Moisturize

Have you noticed that your skin can turn red with exercise? This is temporary, but a moisturizer with anti-inflammatory and cooling ingredients can help tamp it down. If you're on the go, choose a water-based moisturizer formulated for your skin type. But if you have a few minutes to spare, a face mask designed for after working out, like our Post Workout Gel Mask, can work wonders for your skin.

4. Rinse Off If You Can

We know you've got places to be… But hear us out: a quick rinse with antifungal soap can help ward off fungal acne, which is very common among gym-goers and can appear anywhere in your body. So, if you have the time, take a shower right after working out to keep your body breakout-free.

By following these steps to take care of your skin, you can maintain a healthy glow while also reaping the benefits of exercising and taking care of your overall health. It's a win-win situation!

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Me encantan los productores estoy enamorada de los resultados 😍

January 23, 2023 at 10:03am

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