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When you're pregnant, your body undergoes many changes, some expected and some not so much. You're probably ready for the weight gain and weird food cravings, but one change that might catch you off guard is the transformation your skin goes through.


Pregnancy can bring changes in pigmentation, extreme dryness, and even acne. But fear not: with the right beauty routine, you can keep your skin healthy and looking radiant while you're expecting.



Here are the 3 golden rules for taking care of your skin during pregnancy:


Cuidado de la piel en el embarazo

Never forget your SPF 


Your skin is now more sensitive to the sun, and you're also producing more melanin than usual. This can lead to dark spots or pigmentation on your face or even in body folds, like your neck or underarms. That's why it's a total must to slather on high-SPF sunscreen every time you leave the house. And if you're spending time outdoors, always protect your skin with hats and shades.

Moisturizer is your BFF

Not only does it help keep stretch marks at bay, but it also reduces itchiness and helps soothe dry skin. Apply it all over your body, but pay extra attention to your belly, elbows, and knees since they tend to dry out more. Opt for all-natural, chemical-free moisturizers, like our Twin Momma Baby Balm, specially formulated for pregnant women. It helps prevent stretch marks by improving skin elasticity, and you'll love its soft, buttery texture. 



Check the ingredients in your skincare products


While you're pregnant or trying to conceive, certain skincare ingredients could do more harm than good. These include retinoids, salicylic acid, isotretinoin, benzoyl peroxide, and clindamycin, among others. The best thing to do is consult your doctor to see if it's okay to keep using your usual products or if you need to switch things up during this stage.


By following these tips and using the right products, you'll be able to keep your skin healthy and radiant during your pregnancy. Don't forget to listen to your body and consult your doctor if you have any doubts. Happy pregnancy, momma!


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