Settle the Debate: Do You Need to Use an Eye Cream?

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We all recognize the importance of certain skincare products, like a good cleanser, sunscreen, and especially moisturizers. But is eye cream really necessary? Truth be told, we hear this question a lot. The answer is yes, you do. The skin around your eyes is not only the thinnest on your face but also on your entire body, making it incredibly delicate. This can render the skin around your eyes more 'wrinkle-prone' and susceptible to visible signs of aging, including dryness, puffiness, dark circles, dullness, and fine lines. That’s why it needs a product formulated specifically to address the issues; this is where eye cream comes into play!


If you’re considering adding an eye cream to your skincare routine to keep your eyes looking as fresh as you feel, this article is for you.  Learn all about the benefits an eye cream will have for your skin, what ingredients to look out for, how to apply it, and more!



What Does Eye Cream Do?



The skin around your eyes is more fragile than the rest of your body. It's much thinner and has very few oil glands to hydrate it. That’s why it requires special maintenance to keep it looking its best. Enter eye creams, designed to dance with moisture and protection, reducing the signs of fatigue and aging. 

Dermatologists unanimously endorse the magic of eye cream, and it's more than just a luxury— it's about giving your eyes the right care. This specialized moisturizer caters to the delicate skin around your eyes, addressing dryness, puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Its unique formula fortifies the skin barrier, promoting a smooth, plump, and resilient under-eye appearance. Eye cream is a universal ally, but its efficacy lies in choosing a product tailored to your skin type and concerns and using it consistently in your skincare routine, keeping your eyes looking youthful and vibrant.


What’s the Difference Between Eye Cream and Face Moisturizer?


Forget one-size-fits-all! your eyes deserve more than face cream leftovers. Face the facts, folks: your peepers are special. So special that slathering on your regular face moisturizer around them is like asking your chihuahua to guard a bank vault - cute, but not quite equipped for the job.

Why the fuss? Well, imagine your skin as a diverse neighborhood. Your forehead is bustling Times Square, oily, and always lit up. Your cheeks are cozy suburbs, comfortable, and easygoing. And your eye area? That's a serene, hidden garden - thin, delicate, and prone to wrinkles if neglected. It needs gentle, targeted care, not the heavy-duty formulas meant for your T-zone. Regular face cream can clog pores and irritate those delicate peepers.

Think wrinkles and dryness? Eye creams got your back (or should we say, under-eye?) They're packed with special ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides to plump up fine lines and keep the moisture flowing. Under-eyes are naturally drier than the rest of your face. Eye creams are formulated to be lightweight and hydrating, without weighing down those delicate lids.

But hold on, because some heroes, like sunscreen, should be applied all over, including your eyes. The next time you reach for your moisturizer, remember: your eyes deserve a dedicated entourage. Give them the VIP treatment with an eye cream that caters to their unique needs. They'll thank you for it with fewer wrinkles, less dryness, and maybe even a sparkle in their gaze. Your eyes deserve a five-star spa treatment!



What Are the Benefits of Using Cream?


The delicate skin surrounding your eyes deserves dedicated attention. This is where eye cream steps in, ready to combat your skin concerns and unveil radiant, youthful eyes. There are plenty of reasons to add an eye cream to your skincare routine. Here are just a few of the benefits:


  • Banishing Puffiness and Dark Circles:

Tired of looking like you just rolled out of bed (even when you haven't)? Eye cream is like a personal cheerleader, brightening things up. Fluid buildup and lymphatic drainage issues can lead to puffy eyes. Eye creams with ingredients like caffeine, peptides, and hyaluronic acid can stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness, and leave your eyes looking smoother and more defined. Hyperpigmentation around the eyes can also be caused by melanin overproduction, sun damage, and inflammation. Eye creams containing niacinamide and vitamin C can help regulate melanin production, brighten the under eye area, and reduce the appearance of dark circles.


  • Smoothing Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

The thin skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines. Eye creams rich in retinol, antioxidants, and growth factors can stimulate collagen production, and improve skin elasticity. These collagen-boosting ingredients work synergistically to plump up the skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance. 

  • Safeguarding Dry and Sensitive Skin:

Undereye skin is particularly vulnerable to dryness and more prone to irritation than the rest of the face due to its lack of oil glands. Eye creams with humectants like glycerin and emollients like shea butter provide long-lasting hydration, keeping your eyes looking fresh and vibrant throughout the day. Also, eye creams are specifically formulated with gentle, fragrance-free ingredients that are less likely to irritate, even for those with sensitive skin.



  • Delivering All-Day Moisture:

Dehydration accentuates wrinkles and contributes to a dull appearance. Eye creams formulated with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and squalane deeply hydrate the delicate undereye area, plumping the skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Lightweight, ultra-hydrating formulas cater to the unique needs of the thin under-eye skin. Antioxidants and moisture-giving ingredients combat dehydration and environmental stressors.



  • Strengthening and Protecting Sensitive Skin:

Eye creams often contain antioxidants and soothing ingredients that shield the delicate under-eye skin from environmental aggressors and irritants, promoting overall skin health. Eye creams with ingredients like ceramides and niacinamide help strengthen the skin barrier, protecting it from irritants and environmental damage. A strong skin barrier translates to healthier, more resilient skin around the eyes. 



How to Apply Eye Cream

Thankfully, working eye cream into your skincare routine is simple:
  1. Start your skincare routine with a fresh face using a gentle cleanser like Jess Beauty’s Face Reset Cleanser, made with moisturizers and naturally derived ingredients that will nourish and cleanse your skin.


  1. Massage a few drops of your favorite Jess Beauty Shine Bright Serum into your skin. This unique serum not only moisturizes your skin but also restores its vitality, guards against discoloration and dark patches, and promotes a beautifully even skin tone. 


  1. Gently tap a pea-sized amount of eye cream into the area below your eyes using your ring or middle finger with a delicate touch, don’t apply too much pressure! 


  1. Work your way out. Start in the innermost corner and move outward, avoiding your bottom eyelashes, as it can easily get into your eye and cause irritation.


  1. Moisturize the rest of your face! Use a moisturizer that offers deep hydration and rapid absorption, like the one-and-only C Bomb Vitamin C Moisturizer, that leaves your complexion revitalized and oil-free. 


  1. Don’t forget SPF! Protecting your skin daily against the sun is a vital part of your skincare routine. Always use a cream with an SPF of 30 or higher like our Let It Sun SPF 50 + Sunscreen, meticulously crafted for everyday use. Apply it around the eyes as well! 



Embrace the Power of Eye Cream

Indulge your eyes in the care they deserve and unlock their full potential for radiance. When choosing an eye cream, consider your specific needs and skin type. Consult a dermatologist for personalized recommendations, especially if you have sensitive skin, and patch-test any new product before applying it to your entire eye area.

Remember, beautiful eyes are healthy eyes. By incorporating a proper eye care routine, you're not just enhancing your appearance, but also safeguarding the long-term health of this vital area. Let your eyes shine, wrinkle-free and fabulous!

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