The Best Travel Skincare Routine: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Have you ever looked in the mirror at an airport and wondered what on earth happened to your skin during your flight? Traveling can be an incredible experience; however, amidst all the excitement, a long-haul flight takes a toll on your skin – with recycled air, low humidity, UV rays, and, more often than not, a lack of sleep. The absence of moisture in the air when you’re flying also leads to dehydration, a perfect recipe for dull, tight, itchy skin.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to restore moisture and keep your complexion in check. By optimizing your skincare routine before your trip, you can combat dehydration and ensure your skin remains healthy and radiant during your travels. To achieve this, at Jess Beauty we've curated a list of travel-friendly skincare tips that will help to keep your glow on the go.






Stick to the Basics:


This isn’t the time for experimentation! When choosing your skincare products for travel, the primary goal should be to keep your skin as balanced as possible. The last thing you need is a bad reaction, so avoid investing in new products or bringing along any skincare you’ve been wanting to try. Tweak your routine and bring only your "must-have" products.



Bring Along Your Favorite Facial Cleanser:


When you travel, your cleanser becomes the most important product, ensuring your skin remains fresh, clean, and nourished wherever you are. Jess Beauty’s Face Reset Cleanser is made with moisturizers and naturally derived ingredients that will nourish and cleanse your skin. Remember, unclean skin is a strict no-no, especially when flying! 



Don’t Forget to Moisturize:


A good face moisturizer helps maintain your skin’s protective barrier, keeping it hydrated and preventing breakouts and skin issues caused by the extremely dry air inside the plane. Moisturize your skin before and after boarding your flight!



Never Ditch SPF:


Ask any skincare specialist about the one product they can't travel without, and they'll tell you their secret – sunscreen. When you're up in the air, you're exposed to twice as much UV radiation as on the ground! Protect your skin by using a good SPF that also moisturizes, like Jess Beauty’s Let it Sun SPF 50+ Sunscreen. Rich in antioxidants, it helps neutralize free radicals and enhances the skin’s overall appearance and texture. It comes in a travel-friendly size for easy carrying wherever you go.



Avoid Touching Your Face Too Much:


Keeping your hands off your face helps minimize breakouts, especially while traveling. Another good tip is to wash your hands with sanitizer to avoid picking up any unknown bacteria during long flights. Planes can get crowded, but that doesn’t mean your skin should follow the same fate!


Try to Skip Makeup:


Whether you are about to board your flight, it's better to stick to your daily day cream and SPF, allowing your skin to breathe rather than wearing full-on makeup. The changing atmosphere on the plane may cause your skin to break out, and makeup can contribute to clogging your pores even more.


Stay Hydrated:


Staying adequately hydrated while traveling can be challenging. The best way to prepare your skin for a long flight is to moisturize it externally and hydrate from the inside. Optimal preparation involves drinking plenty of water throughout the journey. It’s simple, but many people overlook it.

Now that we have covered all the skincare tips to keep in mind while traveling, let’s explore an easy step-by-step pre-boarding skincare routine to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing!





First things first, gather your essentials: cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and serum. Pop them into your carry-on bag because, you know, checked luggage can be fashionably late sometimes. Also, make sure to stash them in the right-sized containers. 


How to Prep Your Skin for Travel


Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. Our recommendation: the one and only Face Reset Cleanser. Enriched with squalane, this baby not only protects your outer barrier but also locks in moisture and soothes your skin.

Apply a serum with niacinamide. Niacinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3 that plays an important role in energy metabolism and cell health, clearing dark patches and reinforcing our natural moisture barrier, protecting the skin from bacteria and germs. You can find all these benefits and more packed into our Shine Bright Serum. Psst. It also acts as a collagen stimulator and helps cell regeneration!

Top off your serum treatment with a moisturizer. Our Post Workout Gel Mask is perfect for before and after hopping into a plane! Its revitalizing power effortlessly freshens and hydrates your skin, providing extended moisture and nutrition to prevent dehydration, and making it firmer, shinier, and clearer than ever. 

Finish the job with sunscreen protection. Experience optimal sun protection with our Let it Sun SPF 50 Gel, meticulously crafted for everyday use. It's an essential shield against harmful UV rays, seamlessly blending protection and beauty.

So, there you have it. Embark on your adventure with confidence with Jess Beauty’s consciously crafted products, knowing that your skincare essentials are packed and ready to keep you looking fresh and fabulous throughout your travels. Bon voyage!

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