Creating success: Learn the story behind Jess Beauty

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Ever since the idea of ​​creating her own skin care line arose, model, mom, influencer, and businesswoman Jessica Barboza has not stopped working to achieve her dream. Last year, she launched the skincare brand Jess Beauty, and just a few months later she managed to get it recognized and respected by thousands of people for its incredible formulas and benefits.

Everything seems as if it has been touched by a magic wand, but behind incredible results, there is a determined, enterprising woman, focused on achieving her goals. When did it all start? How was the process? What challenges did you encounter along the way? Join us in the incredible story behind Jess Beauty and find out all this and more.

When did you take the first step in creating Jess Beauty?

J - It all started from a need that I had as a regular skincare consumer. I am passionate about understanding what the formulas are, the composition, the reason for each ingredient, the reason for each asset, and, seeing that I could not find the ideal product on the market for the conditions that I was looking for, the idea of ​​creating a product was born. But everything was born as a very aerial dream, which had to land.

I kept investigating the subject and after lots of brainstorming, at the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic, the possibility of starting to materialize my dream was really raised.

How was the process of creating the brand?

J - The first step was manufacturing the products: where and with whom. At that time there were two places that caught our attention: France or Korea. I was aiming for the second one because all the innovation currently happens there. When we decided that it was going to be Korea, the challenge was to be able to find the laboratory that would truly guarantee us the quality product that we wanted. We then began a process of developing relationships with the representatives of each laboratory, of testing the product of each laboratory, so that they understood what we wanted to develop, with everything that each round trip of sending samples implied.

J - Within this process we learned what we wanted, and we began to define what Jess Beauty was going to be like and the ideals of our brand. We wanted a product made from scratch, a personalized formulation adapted to the needs that we wanted to focus on. Generally, many laboratories offer what are called white lines, which are very good products that are already developed and you just have to put the label on it, but we didn't want to do that, the process we wanted had to start from scratch. So there we began to define what Jess Beauty was going to be: we wanted vegan, clean products, without fragrances or essential oils so that they would not cause skin irritation. And in all that back and forth we also began to see what the ideals of our brand were going to be.

Was it easy to create such a specific and personalized product?

J - Look, when we found the ideal supplier, we thought,  “we are where we need to be”, this is going to be easy, in six months we can have our products developed. But several months passed only to achieve one of the formulations that we wanted to obtain and for that there was a lot of work, a lot of research, and constant communication between the laboratory and us. That's why each formula, when we finally got it done, felt like a great success, like the birth of a child.

What other challenges did you find?

J - I think we started the process in a very innocent way, thinking that it was going to be much faster, much easier, and we found many challenges as we went along. It was a super long process, but it helped us because in this way we can guarantee that all the parameters and requirements of the products that are created within the brand will be met.

For example, once we had our identity, brand personality, brand book and formula, I said OK, we graduated, we're done. But then we find ourselves in a new process; looking for suppliers to get a package that was adapted to us, that was compatible and truly effective for the formula that we were developing. We finally got the packaging in Korea and we had everything ready, we had our product, our packaging and we were all happy with what we had achieved. And suddenly, the Compatibility Test failed the packaging, and we found ourselves having to start looking for new suppliers from scratch.

J - At the time it was a headache, but I feel that it gave us the experience of understanding what the process is like and being able to develop products that truly represent the ideal product that we had.

Once you had the finished product ready for sale, how did you experience the launch process?

J - At first we thought we would start selling online in the United States and all of Latin America. But cosmetics have an additional level of complexity compared to online products, especially in terms of restrictions specific to each country. From the start we set up Jess Beauty as a door-to-door delivery to different countries, democratizing the brand and taking charge of the process from start to finish. In order to do this, we had to see one by one what were the requirements to be able to import our products, the sanitary restrictions of each country, and prioritize launching the brand in some countries that we already had the road done.

After this comes the logistics part, where there are multiple factors to take into account, such as: The correct storage of the product, the optimization of packaging for shipping, the infrastructure so that the path from purchase to delivery of the product is in just 24 hours, and the operations manual for customer service, even after the purchase.

What role did your personal brand and social media community play in launching Jess Beauty?

J - I think that what influenced me the most is the trust that was built with the people who coincide with me within the social networks. I have never dedicated myself to selling on social networks, and I think that this means that the people who follow my content know that I am going to show them only products that I really use and recommend.

The brands that I recommend are always the ones that I feel identified with, related to, that are a real part of my life and my routine, and that are compatible with the person that I am. It is the vote of confidence that if it comes from Jesus, it must be good. But if the initial proof comes from that vote of confidence, whether that holds up depends purely on the quality of the product that we are offering. This is the result of the work and commitment we had when it came to developing truly quality products.

What is your wish for the future of Jess Beauty?

J - My goal is to get people hooked on the product because of how good it is, and not because I was recommending it to them. The bigger goal is for Jess Beauty to overcome any ties it may have to my name, to stand on its own and the quality of the product we've developed.

Every day we face a challenge, but within the team there is all the will, desire and motivation to grow the brand and move it forward. I would like Jess Beauty to grow in the countries where we are present, consolidate the retail of the brand so that people can enter a place and try the product, I would love to see the product in physical locations. Above all, I would love to see Jess Beauty as a consolidated brand, being part of the routines of more and more women around the world, and I think we are already on our way to that.

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3 thoughts on “Creating success: Learn the story behind Jess Beauty


Me encantan el shine y el post workout- buenísimos .
Los estoy usando continuo

April 4, 2024 at 12:59pm
Angela Liana

Les comento que ahora estoy viviendo en Europa en Paises bajos, y pues el clima aqui es drastico en invierno y en verano y vi que mi piel estaba pasando factura, los productos que usaba en latinoamerica no estaban haciendo el mismo efecto aqui, asi que decidi investigar y dentro de toda la rutina de Skincare, si no usas un buen jabon de rostro todo se va al tacho, asi que decidi comprar 2 jabones de la marca de Jess, llego el producto en 5 dias, y me sorprendio el dia 1 que utilice me quito celulas muertas y eso que yo constantemente uso exfoliante, retinol, y lo hermoso y suave que deja la piel es de otro nivel que ningun jabon de marca dermatologica hizo en mi, yo usaba la roche posay, bioderma, cerave, ninguno como el jabon de Jess, sinceramente se convirtio en mi favorito y cuando se termine volvere a pedir. Tambien le hice usar a mi esposo y me comento que la piel la sentia como si lo hubieran exfoliado, super suavecita. Recomendado 100000%

April 4, 2024 at 13:00pm
Oneida Torres

Hola Jessica.
Aunque no he probado la marca y no porque no quiera es porque a España todavía no llega.
Te quiero felicitar porque me parece una persona auténtica.que no haz sacado un producto por ser famosa y hacerte millonaria,siento que lo que hacéis es por compartir una marca de calidad de skincare respetuosa con nuestra felicidades
Desde tenerife me despido ❤️❤️

Un saludo 💐

March 30, 2023 at 10:47am

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