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What is Dimethiconol | Silicon Gum?


Dimethiconol is a type of silicone used in the skincare and haircare industry. It has a conditioning and smoothing effect, and it also retains moisture, helping to hydrate your body.

You can find it in moisturizers, body lotions, hair conditioners, styling products, and skincare items. You can incorporate it into your daily personal care routine.

It stands out because it creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin or hair. This barrier helps to retain moisture, giving you a smooth and silky feeling. It also aids in the even distribution of other ingredients when using products that contain it.




⦁ Smoothing: Dimethiconol is known for its smoothing properties, helping to create a soft and silky texture on the skin or hair. It can make the skin feel smoother to the touch and improve the manageability of hair.

⦁ Moisturizing: Helps lock in hydration and prevent moisture loss. This can lead to well-hydrated and healthy-looking skin and hair.

Protective Agent: It acts as a protective barrier on the skin or hair's surface, helping to shield it from environmental factors and preventing moisture loss. It can provide a protective layer against external stressors.

 Texture Enhancement: Dimethiconol can improve the texture of products it is included in, making them feel smoother and more pleasant during application.


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