When will I start to notice changes from my skincare routine?

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Skincare should always be a priority due to our polluted environment, heavy makeup use, and busy lifestyles. 


However, when it comes to achieving perfect, healthy, radiant skin, many people want quick fixes, and they think skincare products will work right away. Some products give results in weeks, days, or even a minute! Finding out how long skincare products take to work can be confusing, but remember: Real healthy, glowing skin takes time, so patience is key!


We're here to guide you on when you will start to notice changes based on your skincare routine and how to make sure your beauty regimen is really working for you. 


Keep reading and find out!



How long does it take for skin to react to new skincare? 



Before you know about how long it takes for your skin to react to new skincare products. It's essential to understand how to determine if a product is actually working for you or not. Some products give you signs of effectiveness before you see a complete transformation in your skin. Here, we talk about those designed especially for long-term healing and nourishment.

Before discussing when you'll see changes, let's start with another question: “how do I know if my new skincare is working?”



Signs To Know If Your New Skincare Routine Is Working.


Here are some signs to look for:


  1. Hydrated Skin: if your skin feels very dry and you follow a hydrated range of products, then notice your skin hydration levels. It's a first sign that you can feel an instant result after the first application, so consider well-formulated products. We are looking for products that make your complexion more glowy, less oily, less, because that's a clear sign that your beauty regimen is doing its job!

  2. Skin Smoothness: When you use advanced skincare formulations, your skin will feel smooth and hydrated after a few tries. Try to always compensate the products that clean or exfoliate, with those that nourish and restore skin barrier.

  3. Stick To Your Routine: Consistency is key to see real changes in your skin. Always read the instructions on the back of the packaging to make sure that you are using the formulas properly and giving the products the time they deserve to do their magic! 

  4. Spot the Difference: Do you have acne, dark spots, blemishes or sensitive skin? Then keep an eye on the skincare products you are using, some formulas may create an unwanted reaction. Read the ingredient list carefully, and if you have any doubts, consult with a professional.

  5. Eventone Visibility: When you are using products for dark spots, scars, and rosacea, you want to achieve a more even tone, that's the sign good sign that your skincare routine effectively targets those concerns! 


What happens when you start a new skincare routine? 


  1. Your skin needs to adjust to the new products and ingredients.

  2. You can experience temporary changes like dryness, redness, or breakouts. 

  3. This may occur in the purging phase 

  4. Don’t worry! This will improve little by little over time with consistent use.

  5. You will feel your skin more clear, smooth and radiant as the product works.

  6. Results may not be immediate but noticeable with continued use.




How long does it take for skincare to show results? 


Our skin renews itself by replacing old cells with new ones. Skincare products can help faster processes, but they can't stop your skin from naturally replacing old cells with new ones.

It's important to be patient! We get that you want quick changes on your skin but it takes a couple of weeks. You will get visible results after 4 weeks, that's how long it takes for new skin cells to develop.

Here is a guide to how long certain skincare products and ingredients work on your skin. Let's discuss some popular skincare products and how they manage to get visible results.



How long products and ingredients can take to work on your skin? 

Skincare Products: 


  • Cleansers: Instant Freshness. 

    Cleansers are essential for all skin types. They offer instant freshness specialty in summer. You'll feel the difference right away. A good cleanser really helps to soften and detoxify your skin. In case you feel the skin surface is tight and extremely dry, it might mean the cleanser is too harsh. 



    Feel free to try our JessBeauty's Face Reset Cleanser and get noticeable results immediately!  


  • Moisturizers: Instant smoothness. Visible results within 2 weeks

    If you have oily, sensitive or dry skin, you must have a good quality moisturizer. In any climate, moisturizer is an essential step for you. 

    A quick tip: look for those moisturizers that contain Hyaluronic acid. You'll notice an immediate change when you use  hyaluronic acid based moisturizer that is helpful to immediately solve your problem of dryness and patchy skin. You can see improvements in your skin's texture within just two weeks.

    Our C Bomb Vitamin C Moisturizer it’s mega special for sensitive skin! Try it and say goodbye to tightness, flakiness or dryness. 

  • Serums: Results between 3 weeks to 2 months 

    You may have heard about serums, their immediate effect and their usage for different purposes like acne, blemishes, brightening and anti-ageing treatments. But if you have not tried yet and must find the solution for your any skin care treatments, then JessBeauty's Shine Bright Serum work amazingly because it’s ingredients (Niacinamide and Tranexamic acid) penetrate deeply within the skin, gives you glowing, blemish-free, bright skin.


    Apply it regularly for up to 8 weeks to see noticeable improvements! Look at the before and after pictures here.


  • Exfoliates: Instantly to 2 months 

    Exfoliants in your skincare routine should be used once or twice weekly because they provide a range of results, from instant to over 2 months.  Exfoliants work effectively to clear pores, removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. 



    Exfoliants are available in different strengths, with options like 1%–2% for BHA and 5%–10% for AHA. These also contain some glycolic acid and salicylic acid peels according to the type of exfoliants for specific skin concerns. 



    Now let’s dive in the ingredients: 




  • Hyaluronic Acid for dryness: instantly or up to 1 month



    These days, hyaluronic acid is the most popular, used component in skincare products. It can provide deep, intense hydration. HA reduces wrinkles and fine lines by plumping up the skin and works amazingly to calm down all skin types. 



    If you are searching for a solution to dryness you may want to use masks, moisturizers, and serums containing hyaluronic acid. Or you can try our Post Workout Gel Mask! It will give your complexion a radiant, moisturized look.
    You will feel the refreshing effect right away and just wait a few more days to see the rest.




  • Niacinamide for open pores: up to 3 months 

    Niacinamide or vitamin B3, control the oil production, which increases the process of managing oily skin and reducing shine. It will reduce the visibility of open pores and enhance the texture and tone of the skin. 




  • Salicylic Acid for acne treatment: up to 4 weeks. 

    Salicylic acid is a substance known as a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that effectively clears up pores and lessens acne by deeply entering the skin. Mostly acne treatment products contain salicylic acid, dissolving sebum and debris and reducing blackheads and whiteheads, which can also cause future acne problems. This ingredient works best for oily and acne-prone skin. It is frequently present in exfoliating pads, spot treatments, cleansers, and toners. 


    However, it will take several weeks to see visible, clear, smooth skin.


  • Vitamin C for brightening: between 3 and 3 months 

    Vitamin C is the most commonly available ingredient in any kind of product like cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, toner or serum, that gives you instant brightening and glowing skin tone. It's most commonly used for reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 


    Jess Beauty's C Bomb Vitamin C Moisturizer boosts collagen production, improving skin firmness and elasticity. It also protects against UV damage and environmental stressors. You can see manifest results within 3 weeks. 


  • Retinol: For Anti-Aging Treatment Takes 6 weeks to 6 months 

    Retinol is a most popular ingredient used for anti-aging. It's a form of vitamin A that efficiently promotes cell rate of replacement and aids in the formation of collagen. 


    JessBeauty’s Retinol (Age Rewind) targets wrinkles, fine lines, and acne, but it takes 4-6 weeks for acne improvements and 3-6 months for wrinkle reduction due to collagen production. 


    While aging can't be reversed, consistent retinol use should significantly lessen wrinkles and fine lines.


    Our Age Rewind Retinol serum also unclogs pores, preventing acne breakouts and reducing blackheads and whiteheads. It only works well at night because it can cause sensitivity to sunlight, so if you use retinol with a combination of Jessbeauty Let it Sun SPF 50 + Sunscreen during the day, you will get excellent visible results in a few months.  



    Observing visible changes from your skincare routine relies on the potency of the ingredients or products. While some products may offer immediate effects, others may take longer to show visible improvements. 


    However, if you follow a consistent routine  you can help maintain a youthful appearance

    . Consider well-formulated JessBeauty products like retinol serums, such as Timeless Skin and Age Rewind, into your routine to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenation. Try them out to see the difference.

    #JessBeautyTip: Take a picture of day one, day 7, and day 14… until the first month is completed! And then you can really evaluate.

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