Twin Momma Belly Balm

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By an expectant momma who wanted something that did not exist, for all mommas. Our soft and buttery belly balm helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks by increasing your skin's natural elasticity.

Our all-natural, scent-free formula, including ingredients like cocoa seed oil, will soothe and make your new mama skin glow.

    How to use

    With clean hands, gently massage the balm onto your belly and(or) chest.

    - Leave overnight for best results.

    Apply the balm nightly or as needed, before and after your new arrival, to keep your belly hydrated and healthy.

    - It can be applied several times a day, especially when you feel tight or dry skin.


    Antioxidant: Helps with premature aging and wrinkles, keeping the skin young and fresh.

    Hydrating: Reinforces our natural moisture barrier, protecting the skin from bacteria and germs.

    Texture: This natural ingredient is the key to the cream’s strength, stability ,and consistency. It provides a smooth feeling when placed upon the skin.

    Color: It assures color uniformity because of its compatibility with all kinds of minerals and plant oils and waxes.

    Neutral: Natural and fragrance-free oil, rich in fatty acids and healthy lipids, which comes from the Argan tree.

    Alleviates the skin: Its antioxidant and moisturizing attributes help the skin return to its natural balance.

    Softening: An excellent product for soothing, conditioning and toning the skin because of its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, combined with its easy-to-spread consistency.

    Moisturizing: Makes it easy for the skin to fully absorb and won’t make it look greasy after application.

    Soothing: Helps remove impurities, reduce dryness and redness by retaining moisture.

    Anti-aging: It penetrates the skin to make imperfections appear less obvious, providing a protective barrier that helps shield from environmental stressors.

    Emollient: This natural oil strengthens the skin's lipid barrier function, allowing for better moisture retention.

    Nutritious: Slows down the cycle of UV sun damage, helps increase elasticity and replenishes skin.

    How To Store

    We always recommend storing your beauty products in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight.

    Other uses of the product

    It can be used as a general body moisturizer, for elbows or knees, and lymphatic drainage. Promotes the skin's elasticity helping prevent stretch marks in significant weight gain or loss processes.

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