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What is Tromethamine?

Tromethamine, sometimes called Tris, is like the behind-the-scenes ally that maintains stability in skin care products.

It is a pH regulator, essential to ensure that products are healthy for you and have an optimal pH. A balanced pH is like the solid foundation of a building; without it, the beneficial ingredients might not work as effectively.

Tromethamine ensures that products have the right environment to deliver their benefits to your skin effectively. A balanced pH can help improve ingredient absorption, which means your skin can take full advantage of all the benefits a product has to offer.


Alkalizing: Helps adjust the pH of skin care products. The proper pH is important to maintain the skin's balance and allow the active ingredients to be effective. By ensuring products have the proper pH, tromethamine helps maintain healthy skin.

Emulsifier: May act as an emulsifier in skin care product formulations. Emulsifiers are essential for mixing ingredients that would not normally mix, such as oil and water, and creating stable, uniform formulations, such as creams and lotions. This improves the texture and consistency of the products.

Ingredient Stabilization: In addition to being an emulsifier, tromethamine can also help stabilize formulas, preventing ingredients from separating over time. This ensures that the products maintain their quality and effectiveness over time.

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