Tamanu Oil

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What is Tamanu Oil?

Known for its regenerative and soothing properties, tamanu oil promotes skin regeneration and relieves irritations. It is a healing balm that helps maintain healthy and balanced skin.

You can apply it directly to the skin or incorporate it into your daily skincare routine. It is a reparative treatment that you can use locally or on larger areas of the skin.

Tamanu is native to Southeast Asia, but now you can find the oil in skincare products. Its main active ingredient is calophyllolide, a compound believed to have regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.




Antimicrobial properties: Can help fight bacteria on the skin, making it beneficial for blemish-prone skin.

Anti-inflammatory: Ideal for soothing irritated or red skin.


Skin regeneration: Aids in healing and skin regeneration, useful for scars and marks.

Protects against Free Radicals: Its antioxidants help protect the skin from environmental stressors.


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