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What is Propanediol?

Propanediol is an organic alcohol that is commonly used in beauty and personal care products due to its versatile properties. Unlike some alcohols that can be drying, Propanediol is known to be an effective humectant with the ability to attract and retain moisture.


One of its main benefits is its ability to improve skin hydration. By acting as a humectant, it helps to keep the skin soft and supple. In addition, it has emollient properties and helps to soften and condition the skin.



Moisturizing: Retains moisture in the skin and contributes to skin hydration so it can be beneficial for people with dry skin.


Skin Softening: Has emollient properties, which means it can soften and smooth the skin, providing a soft feel to the touch.


Texture Improvement: Contributes to the texture and consistency of products and provides a smooth and even application.


Skin Compatibility: It is known to be well tolerated by the skin and less prone to cause irritation compared to some other ingredients.


Sustainability: In some cases, propanediol, especially if it is of natural or renewable origin, is considered more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Efficient Solvent: It can act as an efficient solvent for other cosmetic ingredients, helping to improve the stability and efficacy of formulations.

Non-greasy: Tends to have a non-greasy texture, making it suitable for products that seek to provide hydration without leaving a greasy feel.

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