Pentylene Glycol

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What is Pentylene Glycol?

Pentylene glycol is a polyol that has become a popular ingredient in the beauty and personal care industry due to its moisturizing and versatile properties. It is used because of the variety of benefits it can offer in product formulation. 


Its chemical structure gives it the ability to act as a humectant, which helps to keep the skin soft and hydrated. It is found in various beauty products, such as moisturizers, serums, facial toners and hair conditioners.



Moisturizing: Acts as a humectant, and helps to retain moisture. This can result in effective hydration; which is beneficial for keeping skin soft and supple.


Improved Smoothness and Texture: Used to improve the texture and application of skin and hair care products. Contributes to a soft and pleasant feel.


Stabilization of Formulations: It can contribute to stabilize cosmetic product formulations, preventing ingredient separation and prolonging product shelf life.


Compatibility with other Ingredients: It is compatible with a wide variety of cosmetic ingredients, facilitating its inclusion in various formulations.


Softening: Can have softening properties for skin and hair, which is beneficial in products such as hair conditioners and moisturizers.

Improved Absorption of Active Ingredients: In some cases, it can improve the absorption of other active ingredients present in the formulation.

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