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What is Bamboo Water?

Bamboo water is a natural extract derived from the bamboo plant, known for its rich content of silica and antioxidants. This extract is widely used in the skincare industry for its hydrating and rejuvenating properties. Bamboo water helps to maintain moisture levels in the skin, improves it’s elasticity and promotes a healthier complexion.


The main active ingredients in bamboo water are:
- Silica, which helps to strengthen the skin's natural barrier.

- Antioxidants that protect against environmental damage.




- Hydrating: Helps to maintain the skin's moisture levels, keeping it hydrated.


- Anti-aging: The antioxidants in bamboo water help to protect skin against free radicals, reducing signs of aging.


- Strengthens skin barrier: Silica helps to fortify the skin's natural barrier, enhancing it’s resilience.


- Improves skin elasticity: Promotes elasticity, leading to firmer and more youthful-looking skin.


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