Skincare H20

$169.261,00 COP

Skincare H20

$169.261,00 COP


  • BPA Free BPA Free
  • Insulated  bottle Insulated bottle


  • Aluminum

When to use

  • Morning
  • Night
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Complete Your Routine:

Our water bottle is a skincare essential, working its magic from the inside out to give your skin the dewy glow it deserves. This bottle contains the purest form of refreshing hydration, curated to satisfy your body and soul, while keeping you looking fabulous.

Store it anywhere you like - on your shelf, your desk, or your bag. Just keep it handy, so beauty and hydration are always by your side!

• Tilt the bottle towards your lips and allow the refreshing waterfall to cascade into your mouth.

• Savor the rejuvenating sensation and feel the hydration work its magic from within.

• Repeat as needed throughout the day to maintain your inner glow and keep your skin happy.

Hand wash suggested.

● Holds up to 24 hs for cold drinks
● Holds up to 12 hs for hot drinks

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